Rode Security

Rode Security is a division of Rode Investigations LLC and was started by a NJ Retired Law Enforcement officer who realized that there was a lack of high-quality security guard services being offered throughout the state. Although our concentration of services and home office is located in South Jersey, we have the ability to provide high quality security and investigative services throughout the state.

Rode Security is one of the leading security companies delivering security officers, security consulting, private investigations and customized specialized security solutions in the state of New Jersey.

We employ a growing team of highly trained security professionals including the industry’s best talent, with law enforcement, military and corporate security backgrounds.  Our vision is simple and focused – to be the best security company in the business.

In this new era of vandalism, grand theft and terror threats, we are here to protect you. We can make a difference for individuals, companies, schools and at events by providing the highest level of security officer services.